Review: Dial H for Hero #3

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Dial H for Hero #3

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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Joe Quinones and Arist Deyn

Colors: Jordan Gibson and Arist Deyn

Letters: Dave Sharpe


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



“I am Robby Reed.  And I will stop Mr. Thunderbolt!” – Robby Reed The original owner of the H-Dial with a penchant for exclaiming “Sockamagee!”

Miguel and and Summer have arrived in Central City and attempt to locate the Flash to help them in a quest to find the H-dial and Superman.  But their attempts at grabbing a crime fighter’s attention in Central City go pretty much unnoticed.  But it’s hard to work together when you can’t trust your partners…so it’s time for the mysterious Summer to reveal her past to Miguel!


The police officer, Corrine, has a conversation with Robby Reed, but his intentions are not revealed at first, and quite possibly at all, as the H-Dial has a pull like no other.   Corrine transforms herself into the Blue Bird and morphs the entire city into a psychedelic dream.  And with Miguel passed out from the experience,  Summer finds the H-Dial and we see Summer’s past leading her to this moment!  The H-Dial allows her to be “Lo-Lo Kick You” – a punked out version of Harley Quinn.

A battle ensues and we learn that Mr. Thunderbolt is coming according to a defeated Blue Bird.  And Miguel and Lo-Lo/Summer are off to Detroit to go to an old Justice League of American Base.  And guiding this adventure from afar – Robby Reed, the original owner of the H-Dial.



Whew!  The H-Dial is all over the place!  Once a human gets a taste of being a hero, they don’t turn back.

It’s great to see the comic return back to its origin with the reintroduction of Robby Reed – the original science geek how possessed the H-Dial!  He knows the nuances of this red phone, so it is only appropriate that he is mentoring this entire mission, whether Summer and Miguel know it or not.  And he is dropping knowledge of the Speed Force??? How soon does Superman or The Flash enter into the picture?

And who is the mysterious Mr. Thunderbolt.  No news on this front, but at least we know his entrance is imminent.  This is the cresting point of the six-issue arc, so some pivotal concepts are put into motion.  Summer gets to tell her story albeit through flashbacks and we get to see her motivations at leaving her past behind.





Miguel is a time out in this issue.  He literally is passed out from the Blue Bird’s powers, so his journey is put on the back burner as we explore Summer’s past.  Not that this is a negative, but the entire story arc started with Miguel.



It’s a nostalgic return of Robby Reed!  “Sockamagee!”  I love it when a comic pays homage to aspects of its origin, and we get to see an older Robby Reed!  That brings the generations of this comic back full circle (ala an older Bruce Wayne).  We are down the hatch now in a road trip to find out more about the H-phone.  Let’s hope we find out a new power or letter combo!


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