Image Comics Review: Witchblade #14

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Witchblade #14

witchblade 14 cover


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Caitlyn Kittredge

Artist: Roberta Ingranata, Bryan Valenuza

Letters: Troy Peteri

Colors: Bryan Valenza


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



“It’s rocksalt.  Won’t do any permanent damage to Maria.  Heard it burns like acid when it touches things like you though.” – Detective Roseland prior to shooting her neighbor Maria who is possessed by a demon.
Alex and the Witchblade, along with Maji and Ash, are stuck in an alternate time line future.  Debbie, Maggie and Asher remain in the present time line.  They are doing what they can to take on the demons of New York.
Debbie and Maggie find themselves on the wrong end of their detective work as they come face to face with the Shadowblade.  They become indebted to the Shadowblade, who is bent on manipulating them for her ow.  She is part of the grand scheme to possess the Witchblade.
Asher, in the meantime has come to visit Kayla Horvath, the great grand daughter of a witch colleague, whom he departed on bad terms.  Kayla is also a very powerful witch with a stronger lineage.  However her great-grand father warned her of Asher, so things don’t quite go as planned for his visit to meet Miss Horvath.
Demons are afoot as one inhabits Detective Roseland’s neighbor Maria.  The demon’s efforts are thwarted by Detective Roseland’s rock salt shot gun mixture.  Holy Beverly Hillbillies… they still use that stuff?


Witchblade 14 image


The art work is amazing in this comic.   Bryan Valenza colors amazing drawings rendered by Roberta Ingranata.  She rivals the work that is being done on DC Comics’ Naomi.

The element of time travel is wonderfully used as a plot line.   We saw Alex and her Witchblade, in the prior issue, forging into an alternate timeline future.  However, addressing what happens when Alex is in the future and her partners are in the present affecting the future is well crafted.  Kayla’s use of an “echo” journal her great-grand father used to keep when he heard names whispered of those in the future is an example of brilliant writing!

The more we understand and get to know the Shadowblade, the better this comic gets!


Witchblade 14 issue


Nothing to report here as the art work is phenomenal.  The Witchblade is Image comics’ answer to Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel.  Now that time travel has been introduced, it’s a brand new playground.  This is a comic a reader needs to research more so you get the depth of the weapon of the Witchblade, but also to buy into whomever is possessing the Witchblade and their story!



This is an immediate purchase list item.  If you are looking for a new hero to add to your collection, and an new “world” to explore, then Witchblade is your comic!


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