Review: Batman #72

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Review: BATMAN #72

Batman #72

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Tom King

Artists: Mikel Janin & Jorge Fornes

Colors: Jordie Bellaire

Letters: Clayton Cowles


Reviewed by: Steven Brown




Bane’s overall plan is revealed here! In the pages of this issue, we find Batman in a brutal one on one fight against Bane in the halls of Wayne Manor! All of Bane’s planning, patience, and precision-like execution have all come to this moment! Can Batman overcome Bane’s rage and stop him? Or will the Batman find himself broken by Bane once again?


I never knew how far Bane’s influence and power reached out until I read this issue in its entirety–and I must admit that I was impressed. If you may remember many issues ago when Batman successfully landed a plane into Gotham Harbor, the very act made him question his own mortality. Thus enter the addition of Gotham Girl– all apart of Bane’s plan! He even reprogrammed Booster Gold’s sidekick to backfire on a gift meant specifically for Batman from Booster! The gift was supposed to give Bruce his heart’s desire and it does– however it also shows a Gotham and a world in ruins without Batman to save it. These plus numerous other incidents in previous issues have all been revealed to have been manipulated and masterminded by Bane! The most heartbreaking one had to have been being stood up by Selina on his wedding day. The one sense of normalcy Bruce thought he would have is snatched away from him, and it’s all Bane’s doing. Batman wants revenge–and he begins to get it in this issue.


Although King gives us a great fight within the pages of the book, the narration is told completely from Thomas Wayne aka Flashpoint Batman! He gives us Bane’s entire plan in intricate detail and I was quite shocked. It’s amazing the lengths Bane has gone to ensure his plan was a success. Mikel Janin and Jorge Fornes do a great job of giving us the fight we all wanted to see happen. At first Batman seems to be gaining the upper hand against Bane with landing precision type blows. He has Bane bleeding and dazed but ultimately it’s not enough. The overwhelming power of the villain is too much for Batman. My only complaint is that there was no dialogue between the two. Half of the enjoyment of seeing a Batman and Bane matchup in my opinion is about the dialogue between the two. Bane is usually boastful and confident– he may even give details about his plan to Batman. We didn’t get that in this issue and I was slightly disappointed.


Overall I thought that Batman #72 was a good read. If you’re wanting strictly just a fight between Batman and Bane then this issue is for you. The ending gave me a surprise and I’m eager to see how Batman recovers from his situation. As the book ends Flashpoint Batman summarizes his eagerness to join Bane’s cause in bringing Batman and ultimately Gotham City to its knees. I can’t wait to read the next issue and see what other plans Bane has ready to be revealed!

Steven Brown

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