SDCC2019: DC Nation hosted by Dan DiDio

by Damian Fasciani
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The DC Nation panel is an interactive discussion with Dan Didio leading it asking the crowd to get involved on all levels to provide feedback on everything DC Comics. Dan wanted to know hat are people reading, what they like, what don’t they like, what do they want to come and much more. This is a brief overview of some of the topics discussed at the panel.

The panel included Batgirl writer Cecil Castellucci, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Greg Capullo and Josh Williamson

DC Nation SDCC DC Comics NewsDC Nation SDCC DC Comics News



  • There is an exciting journey a head with Dan talking about so many talented writers and artists working on their own projects. In saying all that, Dan refers to a bigger plan to bring key people at DC together and the way to do that is to create an integrated universe and connect a magnitude of books. No further detail was shared but there is something potentially pretty big coming!
  • Batman / Superman is being launched and in this new series they take on the Batman Who Laughs. The story sounds truely intriguing with the Batman Who Laughs wanting a ‘Superman” from Bruce’s world that he can take control of. The story centres around Batman and Superman teaming up to tackle the evil persona of Bruce. Coming soon, something to keep an eye on. Josh Williamson will be on this project.
  • Greg Cupello reminds everyone in the room that Batman The Last Night on Earth Book 2 comes out in a few days, Book 1 was brilliant make sure you get a hold of this series!
  • Greg discusses the unique persona of the characters that he works with. When discussing Metal, he tells the crowd that it was a series that he worked on and the attention required to bring so many powerful characters to life was challenging. He collaborated and wanted guidance from Scott Snyder, and with that he mentions that Wonder Woman was the most intimidating character he worked on. He was very conscious about getting her persona right, seeking feedback from his wife on what the powerful amazon needed to feel and look like he landed on a version he was pretty happy with. As he started to get a handle on Metal, he talks about the series going fast and being over quickly. Time goes fast when you’re having fun.
  • As part of the DC Nation panel Dan was getting the fans involved and he asked who wanted to be writers or artists and with a decent amount of people raising their hands, Greg was happy to give some advise. “Comics is like a dog bowl, so many dogs wanting to eat out of the same bowl. You have to be hungrier to eat out of that bowl. In other words you have to want it more. You have to have the determination. He tells the fans to learn as much about drawing, learn about the human body, how we move, how film is put together because comics are similar in that regard. He goes on to tell the crowd to round out their skills, it isn’t just about being a talented person who can draw, you have to be determined over a long period time. Greg continues by telling the crowd, “Be Stronger, be hungrier than the next dog, follow your dreams”.
DC Nation SDCC DC Comics News

The DC Nation panel was a reinforcement that Dan and the entire crew at DC Comics are trying to evolve a world and make it as relative to the fans as possible. The panel was there to take fan feedback and with that help drive direction & reinforcement that the planned direction for DC is the right one!

A great move to involve the fans Dan!




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