‘Swamp Thing’ Artist Posts Floronic Man, Blue Devil Designs

by Kevin Sharp
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Concept artist Jerad Marantz is no stranger to the DCEU. He’s previously revealed his designs for Ben Affleck’s Batman and The Flash from Justice League. Now Marantz has taken to Instagram to show off his work from the Swamp Thing streaming series: designs of Floronic Man and Blue Devil.

Floronic Man (aka, Jason Woodrue) featured prominently in Alan Moore’s legendary run on the Swamp Thing comic. The series even adapted one of his most famous issues: “The Anatomy Lesson.”

Jerad Marantz Blue Devil

Marantz Floronic Man

While Blue Devil was never a part of the classic Swamp Thing mythology, he quickly became a fan favorite on the series.

Jerad Marantz Blue Devil

marantz blue devil

With Swamp Thing‘s cancellation, it’s unclear whether we’ll ever see more of these two. In the meantime, you can head over to Marantz’s Instagram page for more shots.

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