Colin Farrell on Kimmel – Penguin News!

by Peter Gaudioso
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Colin Farrell as The Penguin

Written by Peter Gaudioso

Colin Farrell made an appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While the charming Irish actor was there to promote the release of his most recent film, The Gentleman, luckily for us, the conversation drifted into DC Comics News territory, confirming he will play the Penguin.

In the middle of Farrell’s description of the film Kimmel took an abrupt turn towards Bat country, saying, “… can we say that you’re playing the Penguin in the new Batman movie?” Farrell confirmed. And while this may not be news to some, it never hurts to get direct confirmation from the actor themselves, right?

In this day and age the secrecy surrounding Hollywood superhero projects is on par with that of a Star Wars movie. Quite often big budget productions replace their film titles with clandestine codenames. This tactic can be an effective tactic in foiling possible insider leaks. And once casting is set many actors are warned to zip their lips while signing letigious confidentiality agreements. Well, the fast talking Farrell joked about these trends-in mystery-keeping with a high speed comment akin to, “Chained around my arm – and a cryogenically frozen script – It’s all really hush, hush.”

But on a serious note, Batman fans of all varieties will be excited to hear Farrell’s thoughts on writer/director Matt Reeves’ story. Farrell took his foot off of the gas pedal to slow down and describe it as, “A really beautiful, dark, moving script.”

Danny DeVito

Jimmy Kimmel expressed concern that Farrell – being relatively fit – didn’t meet the general expectations for the look of Gotham’s squishy crime boss. Farrell answered diplomatically saying, “we are still at work finishing the design for the aesthetic of ( the Penguin ).” But when prodded a bit more, added, “I have some time to eat.”

Colin Farrell as The Penguin

Maybe not that much time – The Batman is set to begin production in 3 weeks and boasts quite an all star line up. Most known is Robert Patterson (Twilight, Good Time, The Lighthouse) as Batman. But I’m particularly excited to see what Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood), brings to The Riddler. I’m equally curious about Zoe Kravitz (Mad Max Fury Road) as Catwoman, and Jeffrey Wright (HBO Westworld, No Time To Die,) as Commissioner Gordon.

The Batman, is scheduled for release on June 25, 2021 from DC films with distribution by Warner Brothers.


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