A Summer of Superman is Coming

It’s going to be a very busy summer for Superman, Superboy and Brian Michael Bendis.  Now that Superman has revealed his secret identity to the world, things are about to heat up for the Man of Steel and his offspring, Superboy; but Bendis and the Superfamily aren’t coming alone.

In the pages of Superman #24 (due out on June 10th), Bendis is joined by artist Kevin Maguire as a mysterious new villain has come to turn Superman’s life upside down.  This new foe will put the Man of Steel at odds with the worlds most powerful sorcerer, Doctor Fate.

Superman/Doctor Fate

Action Comics #1024 (June 24th) the backlash from Superman: Villains is on as Clark Kent heads out into the world for the fist time but Metropolis has been destroyed by Lex Luthor and his latest attack.  As Clark struggles to keep normality in his abnormal life he finds the most devastating story of his career: The Daily Planet under siege!

New Villain

At the same time as Action Comics #1024 comes Event Leviathan: Checkmate #3 (also due out June 24th) but this time it’s Talia al Ghul, Lois Lane, Question and Martian Manhunter who uncover the plot by Leviathan to betray Checkmark.


Finally we have Legion of Super-Heroes #38, as Superboy attempts to make sense of the 31st Centry he makes a discovery that will shake his very existence to its core; the discovery of a brand-new Krypton.


All four stories will be written by award-winning author Brian Michael Bendis who will be joined by the likes of award-winning artists Ryan Sook, Alex Maleev, Jon Romita Jr, Klaus Janson and Kevin Maguire.

Don’t miss any of these exciting stories from Brian Michael Bendis and DC Comics and stay glued to DC Comics News for more.

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