Rumor: Zatanna Movie In Development At WB

by Kevin Sharp
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Could Zatanna be appearing on movie screens as part of the DCEU? We first heard rumblings about a potential feature film back in 2018 — along with Supergirl and Batgirl — but nothing more came of it back then. Now the topic has resurfaced, and while it should still be treated as rumor, there are some odd hints of cofirmation.

First, Gail Simone tweeted a simple “Yep” when the Zatanna topic surfaced on social media last week (the tweet has since been deleted). Then, artist Boss Logic showed two images on Instagram with the caption “Reposting these for no particular reason. #ZATANNA.”

Again, since this is all rumor, neither of these posts may have any significance beyond the two pros being Zatanna fans.

Zatanna Boss Logic

What do we know for sure at the moment? Not much, unfortunately. There’s the in-development Justice League Dark series on HBO Max; since the “mistress of magic” is such a key part of the comic team, it’s logical to assume she might be in the show as well. The character has of course also appeared in multiple DC animated properties.

Could this be one of the new feature films announced at the upcoming Fandome event in August? We’ll all have to “yats denut.”

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