Review: Hawkman #25
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Art: Marco Castiello & Danny Miki

Colors: Jeromy Cox

Letters: Rob Leigh

Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd



Carter and Shayera face the Lord of the Void and learn they’ve unwittingly brought the means of his escape to him.  Plus, what was Shayera’s first life?   


Shayera’s first life is pure genius.  Pure and simple.  Genius.  Beautiful and brilliant!  Shayera had wings in her first life….  Apparently, that of a Herald Angel.  One would assume of the God of the Bible.  It’s not entirely clear, but it certainly appears that way.  Stripped of her immortality she is bound to Ktar until he achieves redemption.  What a powerful message!  Without giving away every detail, the theme of redemption is so strong and universal, it should resonate with everyone on some level.  Ktar (Carter) has committed crimes of unbelievable scope, and yet someone saw a speck of goodness and believed in him.  Sometimes, all it takes is for one person to believe in you to turn your life around.  That’s what happened with Carter.

Even when the couple are facing the Lord of the Void, it is obvious that this change is a permanent one.  One that has affected Carter deeply, and the revelation about Shayera demonstrates that there is a higher power at work in the universe.  This also gives a sense of hope to the characters.  Not only are the Hawks bad ass fighters, but in their souls reside a deep well of hope that is indefatigable. 

Positives Cont’d 

Fernando Pasarin has been doing a great job since he came aboard in issue #20, however Marco Castiello fits in seamlessly in Hawkman #25.  Of course, Jeromy Cox holds it all together maintaining the visual appearance of the book with his coloring.  Cox may be the hero of this book as his consistency between the two pencillers make the change nearly unnoticeable.  The sky in the image below is absolutely stunning!

In Hawkman #23 we saw Hawkman in “Times Past.”  This issue continues to develop the themes touched on in that issue.  Cleverly, Venditti connects both Carter and Shayera’s roles.  It’s no accident.  It sets up Venditti’s method of “upping the ante” issue to issue.  It’s no accident that issue #23 depicted that moment between a struggling Carter who is renewed with hope upon Shayera’s appearance.


The only problem with Hawkman #25 is that it’s not a double-sized comic!  As mentioned above, Robert Venditti has a unique talent in his approach to writing comics- he always “ups the ante” issue to issue.  I was astounded at the feat when reviewing Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern CorpsHawkman #25 is a perfect example of how he is able to not only go deeper, but raise the stakes over the previous issue.  One can’t help but want more!


The horse is dead, I can’t beat it anymore.  Hawkman is easily the best comic being published by DC.  Period.  There’s a depth and universality to Venditti’s writing that is striking and meaningful.  Jeromy Cox maintains a cohesive look to book whether it’s Fernando Pasarin, Marco Castiello or Marcio Takara providing the pencils- and they’re all great pencillers!  Tell your friends, tell your enemies, they should all be reading Hawkman.  It’s a win-win situation.  If you are not reading Hawkman you are missing out.


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