First Look | BATMAN, Three Jokers #1

by JC Alvarez
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It’s a picture that says a thousand words… The latest reveal from the upcoming epic BATMAN, Three Jokers #1 shows a side of Bruce Wayne that few have ever seen. The scars run deep! Check it your first look here now!

The stunning reveal is enough to make you wonder how mad a man must be to engage in his crusade for justice for all. Everyone is talking about Batman, Three Jokers #1 the opus dedicated to further divulging the secrets of the Caped Crusader’s most diabolic enemy, as the relevance of it all was first suggested during the height of the DC Universe: Rebirth #1. Now we’re getting out first glimpses inside the upcoming DC Black Label release and it’s shocking!

Check it out here:

Batman, Three Jokers #1 is written by Geoff Johns with art by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson and hits retail markets on Tuesday, August 25, 2020, on the DC Black Label imprint.

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