Black Adam movie adds Sarah Shahi to the cast.

by Heath Fodor
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Black Adam just added Sarah Shahi (City on A Hill, Person of Interest) to the cast.

Shahi plays Professor Adrianna Tomaza. Tomaza is a freedom fighter in Kahndaq.

During his JSA run, Geoff Johns changed Black Adam’s origin.  Now, his home country was Kahndaq.  Kahndaq is a fictional Middle Eastern country within the DC Universe.

In ancient times, Black Adam served the Egyptian prince Khufu.  Hawkman is the reincarnation of Khufu.

Isis-Royal Consort or Heroine?

Adrianna Tomaz was a citizen of Kahndaq.  She was notorious for fighting the corrupt regime of the country.  After Black Adam took over, she became his wife and royal consort, granting her super powers.  The powers of the Egyptian Gods were given to Isis.  Isis’s powers are drawn directly from Black Adam himself.    The Marvels receive their abilities from Shazam.  Isis draws power directly from Black Adam himself.  When Isis speaks the name of “Black Adam” she is transformed into the avatar of the Egyptian Gods known as “Isis”.  Although she was first devoted to Black Adam, she soon became a heroine.

Also, Isis has the ability to share her powers with others that she chooses (for example: Osiris), just like the other members of the Marvel family.  Isis is unique in that she first appeared in the 1970s T.V. Series : The Secrets of Isis. Although the show was short-lived, Isis would regularly crossover with Shazam!  During this period, DC Comics then placed her into the comics continuity.  Isis’ first appearance in comics was in Shazam! #25 (Sept.–Oct. 1976).

Currently, Sarah Shahi is filming the Netflix series Sex/Life.

Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson the film will be  helmed by his Jungle Cruise director- Jaume Collet-Serra.  Black Adam is the follow up film to the highly successful Shazam! movie.

Details of the plot and story line of the movie remain under wraps.

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