Start Dates For HBO Max DC Properties Et Al

Start Dates

Start dates are in for both live-action and animated DCTV properties at their new home on HBO Max.

In their “Coming Soon” area of their website, the network revealed the debuts of existing DC properties that have migrated from the now-defunct DC Universe. And they are as followed:

November 1: Titans Season 2, and Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3

December 1: Stargirl Season 1

Start Dates Confirmed, But What of New Seasons?

Although these seasons were aired last year, new seasons of all aforementioned properties are currently in production. With this format, fans new to these shows can hit the ground running when new seasons air. Titans season 3 announcements of introductions to characters like Batgirl, Scarecrow, and Red Hood already have fans excited. Young Justice, meanwhile, has already announced the title for their upcoming fourth season, Young Justice: Phantoms. The third season was a the culmination of fan effort via petition after the series’s cancellatiion.

Stargirl, however, is an interesting case. Although its first season will air on HBO Max, its second will remain and air on the CW. There is no word on when principal photography will begin, however. The same TBD status is shared by Young Justice: Phantoms.


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