Review: Future State: Dark Detective #4

by Seth Singleton
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Review: Future State: Dark Detective #4

Review: Future State: Dark Detective #4 DC Comics News Reviews

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Mariko Tamaki, Joshua Williamson

Artist: Dan Mora,  Giannis  Milonogiannis

Colors: Jordie Bellaire,

Letters: Aditya Bidikar, ALW’s Troy Peteri


Reviewed by: Seth Singleton



Future State: Dark Detective #4 comes to a close in a story titled “The Finale.” Bruce Wayne comes face-to-face with Peacekeeper 01 while trying to atone for the mistakes that jeopardized Hannah and Noah. Oh, and Red Hood is hunted in the second story.

Review Future State Dark Detective #4 DC Comics News Reviews


Until now readers have watched Batman and Bruce Wayne uncover the insect-like drones invading privacy at the will of the Magistrate. This issue opens with the Magistrate and Peacekeeper 01 revealing that they know some drones are not returning. This is a vulnerability.

The person charged with solving this problem is none other than Hannah. She is the daughter of Noah. She also disapproves of Jeff become Noah’s roommate under the guise of a computer wiz with strange hours.

Readers get to see Peacekeeper 01 without his mask. His red hair is short and looks like a balding mohawk above eagle eyes. He has a rugged military look. Scars cover his face and Marlboro man jawline.

Meet Peacekeeper 01 DC Comics News Reviews

Batman is struggling with his mistakes. He feels that his best intentions only lead to unintended consequences where others must pay the price. But what he has discovered forces his hand. He no longer has the luxury of doubt.

His actions bring him face-to-face with Hannah. Hannah knows the evil he’s trying to stop. It’s something she is trying to prevent from the inside. And now that she knows who Bruce Wayne is and what he’s trying to do Hannah wants to help.

Noah doesn't like Wayne on his rooftop DC Comics News Reviews

Peacekeeper and Batman finally face off. After three issues of watching Bruce Wayne being hunted Batman gets the chance to punch back

There are few things as enjoyable as an unresolved ending. This ending is classic. Long-time fans know that Bruce Wayne will find a way just as Batman always has. The fun is watching the how and considering all the possibilities until they finally get to read it.

Positives — Red Hood

Jason Todd is a model citizen of what not to do. He’s the reason that others use to explain why you don’t work for or with bad guys. The Red Hood realizes that now because the bad guys have all turned on him in order to get something they want. Even someone like Ravager gets caught up in the action.

But it’s always the people you least expect who can sometimes be a saving grace. And it’s also the characters who never appear on the panel that offer other reasons the Red Hood has been hunting masks. Fans of a good mystery will be pleased.

Future State Dark Detective #4 xDC Comics News Reviews


Not everyone loves a cliffhanger. Those disappointed will be inconsolable.


Mariko Tamaki knows how to push Bruce Wayne to his limits. Dan Mora is a master at drawing a Bruce Wayne who is haunted. The haggard expression is highlighted by Jordie Bellaire’s lovely colors. His thoughts and words, and the voices of other characters shine under the letters of Aditiya Bidikar.

Joshua Williams transitions from writing The Flash, Justice League, Endless Winter, to one of the most beloved anti-heroes in the DC Universe with ease. A clear-cut grasp of Red Hood is matched by the thoughtful and expressive lines of Giannis  Milonogiannis. Fans of Batman and Red Hood will treasure this four-part series and all it has to offer.


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