Disney’s Marvel Studios & Warner Bros DC Films To Skip San Diego Comic-Con@Home

by Brad Filicky
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Both Warner Bros and Marvel Studios will be skipping San Diego comic-con@home. Given the success of Fandome it doesn’t come as a shock that Warner’s wants to be in total control of the narrative and presentation of it’s new film projects. Disney’s Investor Days has also proven to be a powerful tool for getting info out on new projects. The COVID pandemic forced film companies to rethink how they do business and it appears Warner and DC are adjusting with the times. Are we seeing the birth of a new normal where more companies have their own events? Time will tell!

In happier news Warner Bros. TV’s will have DC’s Legends of Tomorrow participating at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con@Home. Also, DC Publishing division will have a presence at the virtual event.

Fandome will return October, 16.

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