SDCC 2021 or Comic-Con@home gave us a little insight into what’s cookin’ in the horror genre with a panel hosted by DC Editor Katie Kuber. She chatted about the scariest stories in comics with James Tynion IV (The Nice House on the Lake), David Johnson-McGoldrick (The Conjuring: The Lover), Bill Sienkiewicz (The Conjuring: The Lover, 30 Days of Night), and Matthew Rosenberg (The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox, Task Force Z).

Well… James Tyrion couldn’t be there live, but did send in a video where he answered questions from fans including how he came up with the concept of  DC vs. Vampires and how he thought Matthew Rosenberg is the perfect co-writer to help bring his vision to life.

Next, Katie asked the panelists how they got into the horror genre. The answers given included the usual suspects including The Exorcist and the works of Stephen King, but also, interestingly enough, The Wizard of Oz. Conversation then turned to how to create tension and dread in the comic medium. David Johnson-McGoldrick talked about how vampires are different from zombies. Trust is going to play a part, and the vampires are going to dismantle our favorite DC teams.

Talk also included a hint about Task Force Z, in which Jason Todd is going to play an important part. And prepare for a shocking death at the end of DC vs. Vampires #1!

The panel concluded with each panelist talking about what DC characters they would like to see in a horror context. Sgt. Rock and the House of Mystery/Secrets wins the day. Stay tuned for more coverage from Comic-Con@Home!

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