‘In Blackest Night Out’ Smash Hit Green Lantern Fan Film Hits YouTube

by Steve J. Ray
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In Blackest Night Out, the fan film that wowed audiences in Las Vegas, and with its very own international watch party, has now joined its predecessor, In Brightest Day Off on the world’s biggest, brightest, and best social video platform, YouTube.

For over eight decades comics fans have thrilled to the adventures of their favorite superheroes, but writer/director/actor B.Z. Cullins made two great shorts that broke conventions by showing us what these super-powered stars might do on a well-earned day off, or a night out with friends.

For international audiences who may not have been able to attend the Vegas screenings, or the on-line watch party, here are both those great fan films, for your viewing pleasure!

In Brightest Day Off

Viewing these movies is free, but please help spread the word and support future projects by heading to the In Blackest Night Out website, picking up some ultra cool merchandise and sending an RSVP to register your interest in viewing the next film in the series, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight!

In Blackest Night Out

You can follow B.Z. Cullins and his projects on Facebook, Twitter, and all over the web. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

Though In Blackest Night Out is roughly fifteen minutes in length, it has everything you would expect from a major motion picture – an all-star SAG-AFTRA cast, a music score, a soundtrack featuring established – as well as up-and-coming artists, music videos, movie merchandise, and it received a premiere at Las Vegas’ hippest new movie theater located in the heart of the city’s Art District. This is the short’s first stop as it heads out to the world stage via international film festivals.

Images and Video Content Courtesy of ReJoyce Media film, Para Bellum Productions LLC. and Rising Again Productions. Photos by Robert Swapp Photography. Graphics and Apparel by Rhyme and Reason International and W.E.A.R. Media Group. Green Lantern Images and Characters TM and Copyright DC Entertainment

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