Review: Catwoman #38

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Catwoman #38

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Ram V.

Artists: Caspar Wijngaard

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Colors: Caspar Wijngaard

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“For sin indeed was tin the world before the law was given. But sin is not counted where there is no law.  Romans 5:13” – Father Valley to Selina 

Catwoman #38 – Fear State aftermath! A “new” Poison Ivy now walks the Earth, one who seems more familiar to Harley Quinn and Catwoman than she ever has been before.
And as the dust of Fear State settles in Alleytown, Selina comes to the heartbreaking conclusion that it may be time to surrender her crown and leave her kingdom. She has brought too much damage, too much horror, to her adoptive city.
But are the Strays ready to take on the responsibility of defending their homes without the help and guidance of the Catwoman? And what is to become of Catwoman’s protégé herself, Cheshire Cat?


Ram V provides an Oceans Eleven conclusion to Selina’s recent adventures…From her battles with Father Valley to a complicated relationship with the late Detective Hadley.  You’ve probably seen a myriad of movie endings where we as the audience could not believe our eyes or ears, but all the while we were very sure what was being played out.

Ram V makes sure we were watching the entire movie, but behind the scenes, Selina was scrubbing everything clean.  If you don’t see it or can’t prove it, it didn’t exist.

Consequently, we see a foreboding meeting between her and Father Valley.  Arguably the best villain created on Ram V’s watch in any of his books, he has warned Selina that their paths must not cross again.  Let’s hope he is wrong as this is one of the best villains yet!

Positives 2.0

The Cat has a lot of friends and some major enemies.  Joelle Jones and now Ram V have matured this character so much and by having a Catwoman playground book, we get more detail to the Bat universe stories that we really crave!  This entire issue is about closure and turning the page as we should see a Cat and Bat reunion pretty soon.  Their year exodus away from each other seems to be drawing to a close. Given where Ram V has her, I would expect the reins to Catwoman to be handed off.  However, there has not been anyone that has taken Catwoman to a greater level than Ram V.


Nothing!  Again, the pace of this book is breakneck and while Joelle Jones accentuated the frames to tell more of the story than the actual script, Ram V finds the perfect balance to get your heart rate up!  Another great entry into Ram V’s dedication to the character of Selina Kyle!


Ram V provides closure for this chapter of Catwoman in this issue.  Whatever the future holds, she is a changed person after a series of confronting new enemies, protecting her friends and bring some closure to her dealings with the Riddler and Penguin.  I am unsure of Ram V’s role in future Catwoman issues as he is writing so many storylines lately.  However, if he is moving on, you would be well served to pick up all the past issues he has had his fingers on!



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