Teen Titans Academy #10 - DC Comics News

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tim Sheridan

Artists: Mike Norton, Tom Derenick

Colors: Alex Sinclair, Jeremiah Skipper

Letters: Rob Leigh

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil


Teen Titans Academy #10: Dane, a.k.a. Nevermore, came to the academy to become a hero, but circumstance and fate are leading him down a much darker path. To understand their future, the Titans must look into the complicated past of their most mysterious student-and unearth truths that may leave them with an impossible choice.


The cover of Teen Titans Academy declares ominously “The fall of Teen Titans Academy begins…”. This signals that big events are likely to happen in the upcoming months – potentially events that will lead to the future shown in Future State: Teen Titans. Or perhaps not. DC has not established whether the future shown in the Future State timeline are inevitable or just a potential future timeline.

Sheridan’s story starts with a flashback to the birth of Dane, a.k.a. Nevermore. In this scene we see him being born in an Arizona mission 138 years ago. I find this scene vaguely reminiscent of The Omen, which makes sense given what we learned about Dane in the Sheridan’s Shazam miniseries.

The events of the miniseries also figure into the story, as the Titans receive a message from Shazam, who is in Hell with a teenage Black Adam. Billy warns them about the imminent threat posed by Dane.

Dane and Red X have a heart-to-heart conversation that reveals more about their backstories. Dane gives more detail about his birth that sounds eerily similar to Raven’s backstory. That might explain why Raven had been mentoring Dane at the Academy.

Teen Titans Academy #10 - DC Comics News

Positives Cont.

Dane specifically mentions Red X’s predecessor as being the second Red X. We already know that Dick Grayson was the first Red X, but there are some tantalizing questions about the history of Red X. First, I’d love to learn more about the circumstances surrounding Dick taking on this alternate identity. Dick being Red X is taken from the Teen Titans cartoon, which is outside of the DCU canon. What is the in-continuity story of Dick’s time as Red X? And second, who was the second Red X? Was he connected to Dick or any of the other Titans? I suspect we’re going to get some of these questions answered in the current story arc.

The revelation of the current Red X’s identity must be imminent. It was established in the last issue that the Titans now know who he is, and I don’t think Sheridan can keep this hidden from readers for much longer.

I love Stitch’s role in this story. Especially how they speak up against the idea of using deadly force against Dane. Stitch believes that Dane’s not necessarily evil. Perhaps she’s right and Dane can be redeemed. I’d like to think that they are right and that the future seen in Future State is not inevitable. While that event was an interesting story, I’m not sure I want it to become the status quo for the DCU. But the possibility that it might happen does add to the excitement and suspense of Sheridan’s storyline.

Teen Titans Academy #10 - DC Comics News

Positives Cont.

I also liked how Stitch shows how unsuccessful the faculty has been at keeping their identities secret in just a few sentences: “His name’s Billy. You’re Victor, he’s Gar. she’s Kory… We live in the same building. I can’t believe you thought you could hide who you are from us!”. Well, so much for secret identities.


I was sorry to see that Wally and Garth didn’t stick around for this issue. However, there is a mention that they both are searching for Dane and Red X. Perhaps they will be returning after their search.


Teen Titans Academy #10 is another great story from Tim Sheridan. And the artwork from Mike Norton and Tom Derenick is superb. Sheridan is shifting his story into high gear and it looks like the upcoming issues are going to be a Hell of a ride.


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