Misha Collins to Play Harvey Dent in Gotham Knights

by Lee White
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The Gotham Knights TV Series has found its Harvey Dent.  The CW Network has cast Misha Collins to play the role.  Collins is a face familiar to the CW Network having previously played Castiel in Supernatural.  The new show (in no way related to the game of the same name) is to take place in Gotham City following Batman’s death.  It will be based around the forming of an alliance of the children of Batman’s enemies.  With their parents being framed for Batman’s murder it has Gotham at breaking point.

The show is written by Chad Fiveash, James Stoteraux, and Natalie Abrams.  With all 3 having worked on Batwoman, it would be easy to assume this would tie in.  However, it appears that will not be the case and this series will be somewhat of a stand-alone series.  The cast will also feature Olivia Rose Keegan (Days of our Lives), Navia Robinson ( Raven’s Home), Fallon Smythe (Grown-ish), and Tyler DiChiara (Relish).

Collins confirmed his casting on Twitter while also making reference to his Supernatural days:

I’ve asked if my version of the character could be wearing a beige trench coat over the grey suit. (I’m just not sure I’ll be comfortable in front of a camera without one).

It sounds as though we will be seeing Harvey Dent pre-Two face in the show.  Now how long that will last is another question.  The Gotham Knight’s and Collins’ take on Dent is said to be:

Dashing, with a swagger, and a hard-charging district attorney. His idealism and single-minded quest for justice will tragically and ironically transform him into Two-Face.

CW Other DC Shows Renewed

With this information and the news of CW renewing other DC shows such as The Flash and Superman & Lois despite the rumors that they may be sold off, should give DC fans relief as its means there are no sudden intentions of removing DC Shows from the CW.

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