Image Comics Review: King Spawn #11

by Carl Bryan
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Image Comics Review: King Spawn #11

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Image Comics

Writers: Sean Lewis, Todd McFarlane

Artist:  Javi Fernandez

Letters:  AndWorld Design

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“You shouldn’t have F@#$%^ with my wife!” – Terry Fitzgerald

King Spawn #11 – Spawn finally comes to understand who has been working against him, and now he’s on the hunt for the Court of Priests!  Terry makes a move that is so irreversible that Al may never forgive him.  Positives

You know those magic tricks where one is so focused on all the work the magician is doing that is so elaborate that we never see the trick until we are totally in awe?  We are so focused on what we think we know, but then we never see it.  It is akin to a boxer setting us up for a knockout punch.

Sean Lewis does that with his script in this issue of King Spawn.  He, with Todd McFarlane providing “backup vocals” in the story have us so focused on the God Throne which Spawn is supposed to sit upon. 

Spawn goes on a violent rampage sending a message to all the agents that are trapped on Earth.  His stubbornness will not allow these forces to leave this dimension of Earth and I imagine Lewis is playing the “long ball game” as Spawn appears to be wanting to pick off these agents one by one.

However, no spoilers here, but the quote above throws cold water in your face as you turn the page.  You did it again Mr. Lewis…. you did it again.  Positives 2.0

King Spawn is very violent in this issue.  If you are craving the intricate work of pencils by Javi Fernandez, you are in for a treat. 

Given the state of things in the world, comic violence should be simply placed on comic pages and not in real life.  We as readers get that this is fiction, but from a deeper standpoint, McFarlane and Lewis “get” that there is a war between Heaven and Hell. 

It is ghastly and bloody on a lot of different levels. Whether you are a Christian, an Athiest, or somewhere in between, Lewis and McFarlane acknowledge the power of the struggle between pure evil and pure good. 

This is after all a love story between Al Simmons and the fact he would do anything to be with his wife Wanda after he was murdered.  I love the fact that Sean Lewis has returned the character back to his roots.  However, the latest cliffhanger may have ripped the rug out from under Al once again.

Accolades for World Record-Setting

Check out Issue #1 of King Spawn to get you hooked. Can you believe that King Spawn already has ten issues bottled up for us in the King Spawn Volume One Trade Paperback

The traction that this book, along with its partner issues in Gunslinger Spawn, Scorched, and the one that started it all…Spawn… gives a Spawn fan instant gratification each week.


Issue #11 returns King Spawn back to full colors in a battle in front of the God Throne. The writing and the art pull absolutely no punches and again places Spawn back to his origin. Again, a huge cliffhanger awaits, and sets up Issue #12 and beyond. Or maybe not…Sean Lewis may have faked me out again with his magic pen. Buy this series!


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