Changes For Shazam, Martian Manhunter And Others Teased in Recent DC Poster

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Changes are coming for some of DC’s most powerful heroes according to a recent DC panel poster for NYCC. (PLEASE NOTE: At the time of this article, the scheduled October 6th panel has already come and passed. However, no details have been released as to what was discussed.)

The New York Comic-Con’s “Explore The DC Universe Panel” depicted several DC characters: Shazam, Mary Bromfield/Mary Marvel, Yara Flor/Wonder Woman, a monstrous-looking Martian Manhunter, and possible members of The Trench. The caption reads “Heroes Transformed. Secrets Revealed. Powers Unleashed.” These words are elaborated on in the following panel description:

DC and The World’s Greatest Super Heroes, the home for fans of great superhero storytelling worldwide! The creative talents behind some of DC’s most popular characters are on hand to give behind-the-scenes details on their stories and how everything is headed toward huge events in the future.

Changes Are Coming, But What Do We Know So Far?

The unleashed power could allude to Shazam – styled in the classic look as opposed to Gary Frank’s redesign – leaving The Rock of Eternity.  He is the only hero not involved in the current Dark Crisis event on the poster, as the other three are tied into these events. J’onn was among the Justice League’s ranks when Pariah seemingly slaughtered them in Justice League #75. However, now we know that he had placed each member in worlds he had created. In J’onn’s case, he had been cast into a world where he is a detective known as “The Martian Squidhunter.” As for The Trench, the reason for their presence is unknown.

To bring readers up to speed on Shazam, the status quo has been shaken up. Billy Batson imprisoned himself in The Rock of Eternity after the events in Titans Academy. This act also took the powers shared by his foster family with him. However, knowing a champion was still needed, he transferred his powers to Mary in The New Champion of Shazam! mini-series.  It’s unknown what the return to his classic costume means for The World’s Mightiest Mortal. It also throws into question Mary’s status as Shazam herself.

DC has historically had a difficult time marketing the Shazam property since its reboot in The New 52. And with Shazam!: Fury of The Gods due to arrive in theaters soon, amping up Billy Batson and family to a prominent level is one of DC’s top priorities. For the moment, however, both she and Yara have joined Nightwing’s “Titans” in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #5. Yara’s future as Wonder Woman is also questionable as we will eventually see the return of Diana of Themyscira.

More as it develops.

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