‘The Flash’ Confirms Several Returning Characters For Final Season

by Joshua Raynor
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A few weeks back, it was revealed that Supergirl‘s Nicole Maines would be heading over to The Flash to bring Dreamer to the final season. Now, it’s being confirmed that even more characters will be making a return as John Diggle, Wally West, and Ramsey Rosso (aka Bloodwork) will return for the series’ ninth and final season.

These great characters will be joined by Javicia Leslie, who will be returning to the Arrowverse as a very different version of her Batwoman character in the form of The Red Death, a version of Batwoman with speed powers and an evil personality.

That’s a lot to take in all at once, so let’s break it down, character-by-character.

Nicole Maines as Nia Nal Dreamer on SupergirlFirst up, Nicole Maines returning as Dreamer is fantastic news, as she came into the Supergirl series in season 4 and exploded with fan popularity, becoming a mainstay of the series for three seasons, and a member of the Superfriends team, led by Supergirl. As a fellow reporter, she’ll most likely find comfort working alongside Iris West-Allen, breaking news stories while also taking down bad guys.

Batwoman The Red Death The FlashJavicia Leslie’s Batwoman was last seen taking down Marquis Jet, a new version of the Joker, before the series was canceled. But now, it seems like we are going to get something completely different, as she will come into The Flash as possibly the villain, or at least a villain, as she becomes The Red Death. This is a character that came about during the mega-hit miniseries, Dark Nights: Metal, where the evil Batmen of the negative multiverse came to destroy the positive multiverse, and one of those was The Red Death. This version was from Earth -52, and got his powers after forcing The Flash and himself into the Speed Force, causing them to become merged into one being. Will there be a similar explanation for how Ryan Wilder makes this turn? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Next up is the return of Wally West, aka Kid Flash. Wally was never given the proper respect that he deserved, as he was constantly overshadowed by Barry in the series. He was able to shine a bit more during his time on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but that was short-lived. If The Red Death is to be a big villain for the season, leading the cavalcade of villains to come, it would make sense to bring back some of the main speedsters of the Arrowverse, and it’ll be great to see Wally one last time before it’s all said and done.

Ramsey Rosso, aka Bloodwork, was one of the best villains ever used on The Flash. Sendhil Ramamurthy managed to turn this potentially forgettable character into a compelling and sympathetic villain. Will we see him teaming up with Team Flash to take down The Red Death and the other villains, or will he join them in the ultimate villain move? Or perhaps, something totally unexpected will happen. The speculation is exciting!

David RamseyLast, but most certainly not least, is the return of David Ramsey as John Diggle. One of John’s final storylines was him giving up the Green Lantern ring that was bestowed upon him. This was disappointing to many, as we were anxiously waiting to see him finally take his mothers maiden name, and become the legendary Green Lantern John Stewart. But it seems we’ll most likely be seeing him do what he always does… show up when he’s most needed, and help save the day. Because that’s what heroes do.

Will we see others pop into the final season of The Flash? Hopefully. I’d love the chance to see Stephen Amell return as the Spectre, maybe get Jefferson Pierce or his daughters to show up, or even have Donald Faison pop up as Booster Gold again. There are so many great possibilities for cameos from the Arrowverse to show up in the final season of The Flash.

Let us know in the comments who you would love to see show up!

The ninth and final season of The Flash will premiere on Wednesday, February 8th at 8:00pm ET on The CW.

Sources:  TV Insider, Comicbook.com

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