Previews: Talon #14

Previews: Talon #14            

Previews: Red Lanterns #26

Preview pages for: Red Lanterns #26                

Previews: Larfleeze #6

A wonderful preview of Larfleeze #6.

Previews: Green Team #7

          A wonderful preview for Green Team #7.

Ray Fawkes focuses on Horror with Batwing in upcoming Batman Eternal

Newsarama got the scoop earlier today on DC writer Ray Fawkes and his work on Batman Eternal. Known...

Previews: Green Lantern New Guardians #26

Green Lantern New Guardians fans were treated to a exclusive preview today. Privy only to the Green Lantern...

Fables New Cover Artist Nimit Malavia Hopes to Honor and Add to Series.

Bill Willingham's glorious Fables end lurks around the corner but that doesn't stop Vertigo from recruiting top talent,...

Raven One Shot Coming Soon?

Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston picked up this little tid bit while looking over Newsarama's DC Comics March 2014 solicitations....

DC Editor Wil Moss Moves to Marvel Monday

DC editor Wil Moss headed titles such as The Flash, Suicide Squad, Green Arrow, and a very significant run on...

Review: The Movement #7

The review over The Movement #7.