Gotham Season 4 Will Focus More On Developing Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle

The season premiere of Gotham is only few weeks away and fans have a lot to look forward to. According to the show-runners, this season will focus on two of the more popular characters by featuring storylines that will develop them further and will begin to develop the backstory behind these characters even more.

Gotham executive producer Danny Cannon was out promoting the upcoming season by being interviewed by TVLine. where he revealed that the show will be “focused on character more than anything else”. The show has quickly evolved into a great ensemble program because of the wonderful performances from a large portion of the cast.

With all those great characters in one show, it’s very difficult to focus on any one character but the Gotham team is hoping they can find a right balance between all these personalities and stories. In the upcoming season 4, fans can expect to see Bruce Wayne ( played by Davi Mazouz) to be featured more prominently as his evolution into the Dark Knight really begins to take hold. No longer will Bruce Wayne be some young kid meddling in all these stories but never really having a strong role to play in the way events turn out.

Executive producer Cannon explained:

“Somebody who until now has been seen as a wealthy child [Bruce Wayne] is now seen as the emerging threat he is.”

One of the challenges that Bruce Wayne will be facing this season is dealing with the appearance of long time Batman villain Ra’s Al Ghul (played by Alexander Siddig). Cannon continued:

“An almost amoral figure from such a dark and ancient past coming into Bruce’s life when he is so susceptible to influence gives us lots of drama.”

The emergence of Al Ghul should really provide a lot of great story ideas for the upcoming season.

Along with Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle (played by Camren Bicondova) will also be featured more prominently. According to Cannon, viewers can expect to see an alliance build between Kyle and Tabitha Galavan ( played by Jessica Lucas) which should help to build on the mythos behind the Siren’s origin story. Cannon says:

“We’ll be watching Selina turn into a woman, but what kind of woman will she be? Vengeful and resentful, or somebody of amazing potential?”

The actress that plays the role of Kyle had this to say:

“Selina has this drive, not for power, but for respect. After her fight with Bruce in the hospital, after she tried to show him that she cared, she realized that he did have a point. Just as he realizes that she had a point that he doesn’t know who he is, she realizes that she’s been surviving her whole life and she hasn’t really worked to be comfortable. And she wants to be comfortable. And she realizes Tabitha is the only person who will help her do that since Barbara’s not around when she goes to look for Barbara.”

Obviously Wayne and Kyle have always been fan-favorite and the fact that the upcoming season will feature both of them in bigger roles can only get fans even more excited.

Gotham season four premieres September 21st, 2017.

Joseph Marcas

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