Batwoman Annual Confirmed for April

It isn't even the first day of 2014 and the first confirmed solicitation for April has been announced,...

Previews: Superman #26

In the aftermath of “Krypton Returns,” a distraught Man of Steel returns to find that the Parasite is...

Previews: Superman Unchained #5

Superman and Wraith form an alliance to rescue a hostage and strike at the heart of Ascension, but...

DCN Best of 2013 – Titles (Part 3 of 4)

The DCN crew continues their look back on the best of 2013. This time, the gang lets us...

Denzel Washington to play Green Lantern John Stewart?

According to Nuke The Fridge Denzel Washington is currently in rumor to be Green Lantern, John Stewart. This...

Thawne Zooms to The Flash television series.

According to Bludhaven Banter the pilot episode of CW's The Flash will feature a character by the name of...

Previews: Talon #14

Previews: Talon #14            

Previews: Red Lanterns #26

Preview pages for: Red Lanterns #26                

Previews: Larfleeze #6

A wonderful preview of Larfleeze #6.

Previews: Green Team #7

          A wonderful preview for Green Team #7.