Being the 5th Wednesday of the month, this week’s pull list was a little on the short side. However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t any incredible titles released this week, and DCN was there to review it all.

The Wake Scott Snyder issue 1_a

The Wake #1

Of course the main attraction of this week’s releases was Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy’s new Vertigo miniseries The Wake. A horror/sci-fi series set at the bottom of the ocean, The Wake’s first issue provided an intriguing introduction to the characters, world, and mystery Scott Snyder has so elegantly crafted, and behind that story was some of the most beautiful artwork I’ve seen in a long time. Murphy’s art is phenomenal, paying its dues to many other Vertigo series’ from the past, as well as the cyberpunk/noire series’ from which it draws its stylistic influence.


JLA #4

Moving into more traditional comic book fare, this week saw the release of JLA #4. This issue was full of action, as it saw the team taking on their real first mission as they attempt to take down the Secret Society of Super Villains. The issue proved an entertaining read, despite the lack of JLA’s resident Green Lantern Simon Baz, and finished with a plot twist that will leave you stunned. Did we give it away? Of course not…



Catwoman Annual #1 

In Catwoman Annual #1, we saw Selina team up with supposed new tech partner Alice to take on the gangs of Gotham city, led by The Penguin. Overall the issues inclusion of a potential new partner and some great art did wonders for the book, but overall the story still fell flat.





Earth 2 Annual #1

Over on Earth 2 Annual #1 we got some interesting back story to the series current villain, Atom. This issue provided a much needed break in pace after the many events of previous issues, and did wonders when filling out the internal motivations of the Atom.





Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1 saw Jason Todd battle the League of Assassins, marking their first appearance in the New 52. Overall this issue did a great job setting up The League of Assassins, and we’ve heard that big things are to come for Jason Todd when he faces them in their secret city!




Batman: The Dark Knight #20

Finally, this week also marked the latest chapter in Batman’s battle with the Mad Hatter in Batman: The Dark Knight. How does this issue do in relation to the rest of this incredibly long arc? Check the review to find out.





Additionally, DCN has the reviews up for all the new issues released this month! Check them out below, and click any title to see the full review:


AC_Cv20_3ehqyzmze1_Action Comics #20

The events of the last issue of Action Comics left Superman confused, distraught, and worst of all, infected. Lex Luthor, the charming mastermind we all love, constructed a plan to tear Superman down in more ways than one. His plan continues to take shape in Action Comics # 20, but is it turning out how we had hoped?



Animal Man #20

As every fan of this title knows, Buddy Baker isn’t just Animal Man, defender of the Red Kingdom, he’s also an actor and popular movie star. What fans have yet to see much of, however, are any of the movies Baker has appeared in. Until now. Hot off the heels of the Rotworld conclusion and Buddy’s banishment from The Red, writer Jeff Lemire decided it was time to take a breather from the action and horror of Animal Man, and instead penned almost an entire issue showcasing Buddy’s movie, “Tights.” Did it pay off? Well…sort of.


aquaman20Aquaman #20

Aquaman #20 is next in line in the Death Of A King arc. We were left very surprised after the events of last month’s issue, with the Frozen King returning to the ocean, Tula and Murk plotting to free former King Orm, and Mera going to meet her husband, Nereus. Aquaman #19 had its work cut out from the beginning. This issue was a nice little one-off featuring Aquaman’s team, The Others. Aquaman, however, scarcely features.


BW_Cv20_g1tmquf2c3_Batwoman #20

In which someone long thought dead returns, a choice must be made between blood and bats, and a family confrontation brings about change.







Detective Comics 20 Cover

Detective Comics #20

Detective Comics #20 brings to an end the “Emperor Penguin” story arc that began in Detective Comics #13. This month’s issue, titled “King for a Day,” is the culmination of events that have been building up for the past 7 issues.






Earth 2 #12

The Universe is filling up! A lot has happened in Earth 2 since the end of the inaugural arch. You may recall the Green Lantern was fighting Solomon Grundy along side The Flash and Hawk-Girl and the whole of the World Army. We were introduced to The Atom and got just a glimpse of the broader picture when Hawk-Girl and The Atom exchanged words followed by blows. With Grundy’s defeat at the hands of Green Lantern, the world that had withered and died by powers of the Grey was rejuvenated and blossomed anew by the Green.


FLS_Cv20_zaym14jmyv_The Flash #20

Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul’s run on The Flash has been one of the most consistent books since the start of the New 52, and this issue is a perfect jumping on point. We’re shown that things are finally beginning to stabilize in Barry Allen’s life. His relationship with Patti is going very well and he has his old job back (sort of). While his personal life is going well, Barry’s life in tights is starting to take some hits. Two of his acquaintances are murdered, while a third is on the run, claiming to fear for his life. While Barry doesn’t know who the killer is, the reader certainly does. Ultimately, the question is “Who is the Reverse Flash?”


GL_20_CVR_fxn2oq2lsl_Green Lantern #20

It’s the end of “Wrath of the First Lantern” and the end of an era as Geoff Johns pens his final issue, and boy does he go out with a bang.







Green Lantern Corps #20

Green Lantern Corps #20 came out two weeks before the comic  that it was an epilogue for (Green Lantern #20). Although the cover clearly had “epilogue” written on it (I even highlighted it in the image above), and the fact that every lantern book that came out last month informed us that the finale was taking place in Green Lantern #20, several people who purchased the comic were quite upset to find out the finale of the event was spoiled. Fortunately, those who waited will find it was well worth the wait.


GLNG_Cv20_jji1kks5b8_Green Lantern New Guardians #20

In the aftermath of “Wrath of the First Lantern” Kyle has returned to Earth to contemplate his future and his past.







The Green Team #1

When I first heard that DC was reviving the Green Team, my initial reaction was “What the hell is the Green Team?” So I decided to do a little research, assuming it was a coalition of DC’s green-hued heroes Oliver Queen, Hal Jordan, and some other, forgotten Silver Age characters. Disappointment ensued –

Bringing the new Green Team to life is Art Baltazar and Franco (writers), the creative team behind the fantastic Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures. This title is nothing like those previous efforts (or the above image). Instead, we’re given a title that looks right at home within the DC Universe. Given that this is a number one, we’re introduced to characters and conflict that will play a role in subsequent issues.


JUSTL_Cv20_lfih1zy6zi_Justice League #20

Who’s ready for “Trinity War”? DC is gearing up for its first major crossover event in the New 52, and this issue is where everything starts coming to a head. The event—which spans across Justice League, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark, along with some tie-ins—is poised to completely change the landscape of the DCnU, with Geoff Johns at the forefront leading the charge.


JUSTLD_Cv20_6n9gwkxwyb_Justice League Dark #20

The Supernatural Team, with the help of The Flash, breaks free of their nightmare visions and commence a rescue mission to save Swamp Thing from Doctor Destiny.






Nightwing #20

Last month, Nightwing was welcomed to the city of Chicago with a rooftop chase with the city’s finest SWAT team officers, and readers were introduced to a revamped Prankster. Continuing in this month’s issue #20, Dick returns to his apartment after a night on the town, which leads to a pretty entertaining scene involving Dick and his roommates – yes, plural. From here, we’re given what can be described simply as a really good story, which culminates in the initial confrontation between Nightwing and Prankster.


RHOODO_Cv20_rszk3e00no_Red Hood and the Outlaws #20

In Red Hood and the Outlaws issue #20, Jason forgets who he is and Roy can’t let go.








Red Lanterns #20

Will Conrad and Peter Milligan’s last issue of Red Lantern #20. It is also an epilogue to “Wrath of the First Lantern” so there was a decent amount that needed to be done.






Suicide Squad #20

With the help of a mysterious new member Waller begins an exercise that will tear into the psyche of the team; Voltaic is taught a thing or two about discipline, and Deadshot learns of the Samsara Serum.






Superman #20

Where we last left off, Hector Hammond was playing Superman’s mind like a mad puppeteer. We were greeted by scenes playing out in an odd fashion, and repeating with an even stranger premise as the comic developed. It seemed like Scott Lobdell wanted a break after doing a series of large arcs that the Superman title has withstood throughout the New 52, in favor of a shorter three-comic story. But does it pay off?


Swamp-Thing_20-664x1024-300x462Swamp Thing #20

Hot off the heels of his debut issue on Swamp Thing, writer Charles Soule ramps up the action this month with Scarecrow’s fear toxin leading to Swamp Thing inadvertently unleashing the Green on Metropolis. What follows is a fairly action-centric issue that focuses on Superman battling the Green across Metropolis before attempting to stop Alec from damaging the city further. Unfortunately, while the issue certainly had some great moments, the story’s focus on Superman gave this issue a mixed and ultimately uncharacteristic tone.


TALON_Cv8_28p6bc42vf_Talon #8

The Gotham Butcher returns; death is just the beginning for Calvin Rose; and the Escapist must bow his head. Meanwhile, an army has been raised.



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