PREVIEWS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #24 Ra’s Al Ghul is coming!

The conflicts of Jason Todd have changed from “Death of the Family” through this most recent issue of Red Hood and The Outlaws.  Thanks to the Joker, his memories were affected, however all the events have been leading towards Ra’s Al Ghul’s true introduction into the New 52.  Ra’s was part of Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated conclusion, and was last seen in his own Villain’s Month issue.

With a new and possibly most powerful League of Assassins, how will the Outlaws contend with the League and it’s leader that has gone toe-to-toe and nearly defeated Batman. Also, past meets present in this preview as the relationship between Roy Harper and the assassin Cheshire appears to develop more. Finally, what secrets will we find out about the Lazarus Pit? The title goes into tie-in mode next month for “Zero Year”, but returns to this arc in December. Whatever develops this issue and how those developments will lead to the next part of the story in December is yet to be seen. Besides the regular preview, DC did show some more this weekend at New York ComicCon of this issue including ninja Man-Bats!

Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Julius Gopez and Ray McCarthy
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: October 16, 2013

Jason Todd now leads the League of Assassins against the Untitled and his former teammates. But the true power is within the Lazarus Pit in the City of Assassins. What will it unleash?


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Source: Comicosity & DC Comics