PREVIEWS: Justice League Dark #24 Constantine Last Man Standing?

by Brendon Lane Carlson
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With the disappearance of the Justice League teams for the most part, the mystery of how they left and why some remain is still a mystery.  Based on the interview with the preview, we will find out why Constantine is still around as well as this issue leads into the crossover event Forever Evil Blight that includes a new Justice League Dark team and a future run-in with the Sea King.  What will we find out about the conclusion of Trinity War, and how will Constantine react to all the events and the evil running the Earth?

Constantine, Nightmare Nurse and Swamp Thing take a strange and surreal journey into the Collective Unconscious in Justice League Dark No. 25 during a search for Zatanna and the team. Things go very wrong, though, and “the end result is that Blight decides to step out of the psychic shadows and into the material world, where he bonds with a surprising human host,” says DeMatteis.

Issue 24 will reveal the mystery of why Constantine wasn’t nabbed like the rest of his Justice League, and it cracks open another level of his connection to the House of Mystery, according to DeMatteis.

And then in Dark No. 26, Constantine and his allies travel to an ancient underwater realm never seen before in the DC Universe. They’ll run into Sea King, the Earth 3 version of Aquaman whom DeMatteis describes as pivotal to the story line but is a very different kind of guy, and a twist involving him is “a great one.”

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Source: USA Today

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