Arrow’s Stephen Amell Shows Off Salmon Ladder Pull-Up Skills


If you’re a fan of Arrow‘s Stephen Amell, you may already be following him on Facebook. Nearly a million of you are, but if you aren’t, now’s the time to “LIKE” him because he’s working toward the million-fan mark and preparing to celebrate with a “Day in the life” video focusing on shooting Arrow. The actor gave a preview of that on his facebook, which shows him demonstrating his ability to do the salmon ladder, which is something we’ve seen Oliver Queen do on more than one occasion. I guess some people don’t believe Amell can really do it…


To paraphrase Felicity, “I like watching you do that.”

The Salmon Ladder video is one of a few videos Amell has posted to his new YouTube Channel.

And these are just some of the Arrow goodies Amell is sharing with his Facebook followers. from his recent post, it sounds like these are just a preview of more to come when he hits a million followers, so if you’re into it, like him here.

Arrow‘s still on a break between new episodes, but the CW series will be back next Wednesday with “Time of Death” airing February 26.