Delayed Superman Unchained will finally conclude this September

by Cynthia Ayala
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Superman Unchained is the comic series that was delayed and then delayed again. The reason being Scott Snyde and Jim Lee were, and are, doing so much in the DC Universe at the moment and rather than hand off their mini saga together to another writer or creative team, they just put it on hold.

Not the worst thing in the world, it makes sense considering this is their project and as a story it really isn’t effecting other story arc, unlike Forever Evil, so putting it on hold was no great tragedy. Personally, I’d rather that than have another creative team come in and potentially mess with the grand design of series.

But luckily it’s finally going to premiere and the final issue, Snyder and Lee are not holding back. Jim Lee is doing a full wrap around cover with incredible detail and such a brilliant use of color that is true to his aesthetic. Additionally, all the lines are sharp, everything perfect, it almost looks photoshopped in perfection as it meshes two images together. Just take a look below:

Superman Unchained #9 wraparound cover by Jim Lee

Superman: Unchained #9, the final issue will be a 40 page jam packed issue. Superman will be fighting Wraith in this final issue, and the battle will be “in the sun”. Now that could be bad for Superman or a huge advantage, it’s a twist that leaves an unpredictable aspect for the readers. Additionally, you can see the cover that Lois Lane and Lex Luthor are going to have big roles in this final issue.Lois and Lex are two of the most Superman influenced characters out there and so far what the DC Universe is doing with both of them, turning the villain, Lex, into a hero and the heroine, Lois, into a villain. Neither of those are going to be addressed in this issue, but it’s been reported that this entire issue, and the series as a whole, will have repercussions throughout the not-so-new 52.

Over all, it’s going to be great to finally read this issue and see all the twists in the story and for fans following Superman comics, it will be interesting to see how this is going to effect what’s currently going on in the series.

Superman: Unchained #9 will be on sale September 10th and will be priced at $4.99.

Source: Newsarama, Comic Book Movie, Digital Spy

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