‘Wonder Woman: Earth One’ Cover and Synopsis

by Eric Joseph
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Yes, we have been waiting quite some time to get more details regarding the mysterious Wonder Woman: Earth One. It was announced several years ago and since then we have received three volumes of “Earth One” featuring Superman, two featuring Batman, one with the Teen Titans, along with announcements that Flash and Aquaman will get their own books in 2016. The Amazon Princess has unfortunately seen her book go through some delays, but we can tell you that you can expect to see it arrive in stores on April 12, 2016.

I have said in the past that I love the “Earth One” brand and will probably read anything the line has to offer. It certainly helps that this book will be written by super scribe Grant Morrison, who is joined by artists Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn. HitFix had the exclusive reveal on the cover and synopsis, both of which can be viewed below.

wonder woman earth one

From the masterful minds of Grant Morrison (FINAL CRISIS, THE MULTIVERSITY) and Yanick Paquette (SWAMP THING, BATMAN, INC.) comes the most provocative origin of Wonder Woman you’ve ever seen — a wholly unique retelling that still honors her origins.

For millennia, the Amazons of Paradise Island have created a thriving society away from the blight of man. One resident, however, is not satisfied with this secluded life — Diana, Princess of the Amazons, knows there is more in this world and wants to explore, only to be frustrated by her protective mother, Hippolyta. Diana finds her escape when Air Force pilot Steve Trevor, the first man she has ever seen, crashes onto their shores. With his life hanging in the balance, Diana ventures into the long forbidden world of men. The Amazons chase after her and bring her back to Paradise Island in chains to face trial for breaking their oldest law…staying separated from the world that wronged them.

Thought provoking yet reverent, thoroughly modern but still timeless, the power and courage of Paradise Island’s greatest champion — Wonder Woman — is introduced in this new addition to DC’s New York Times best selling Earth One original graphic novel series.

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