Review: Doom Patrol #3

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Gerard Way
Artist: Nick Derrington

Casey if finally getting it together! Struggling with finding answers to her life, Casey is in awe when her ambulance transports her to Dannyland! It seems here Casey Brinke will find the answers she needs in order to find her missing memories. And just what exactly happens when this EMT finds out she was once a member of the Doom Patrol?!



Gerard sums up the first and second issue here perfectly in this issue of Doom Patrol! Casey is now stuck inside Dannyland, which seems to be the perfect place. There is peace, no pain and absolutely no suffering here. Thanks to a strongman who seems to be playing “tour guide” for Casey, she finds out that she was once a member of the Doom Patrol herself before something happened. Now we truly know that Casey really has struggled in her life previously because it was never actually hers to begin with! However this is still a lot to deal with and Casey is filled with doubts about this revelation about herself. I’m eager to see how Gerard has her come to terms with everything that’s discovered in this issue.


My only problem with the book so far is that it has too many characters struggling with their memories being gone at the moment. All of the members of the Doom Patrol from issues #1-3 have no memory of the previous battle, or exactly how they got separated. It wouldn’t be worrisome if at least one character gained some of their memories back but so far none have. Casey is the only one that’s even on the right path to finding things out — and she’s fighting the truth every step of the way. My guess is that Gerard Way will have Casey bringing the other teammates together.


Doom Patrol #3 is a solid read, only if you’ve read the two previous issues. A lot of questions with Casey get answered here to a degree, but I found that the more answers I got the more questions I have about her and the fate of the Doom Patrol in general.



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