NYCC: New Creators for ‘The Dreaming’ and ‘Plunge’

by Kevin Sharp
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One of the DC panels at NYCC that ended up breaking some big news was titled “House of Horrors.” We not only learned that artist Stuart Immonen will be returning to DC, but that The Dreaming series will be getting an all-new creative team next year.

Immonen, who has been semi-retired since ending his Amazing Spider-Man run last year, will be part of Joe Hill’s Hill House label on the title Plunge. Here’s the description:

Back in the ’80s, a highly advanced research vessel went missing near the Arctic Circle, only to suddenly reappear 40 years later, now sending a distress signal. So a team of American researchers is sent to salvage the vessel, even as a wintry storm approaches.

Hill acknowledged this series is his tribute to John Carpenter’s movie The Thing. At the panel, he recalled asking editor Mark Doyle for “someone like Stuart Immonen” to illustrate the book.

Meanwhile, over at The Dreaming, writer Si Spurrier and artist Bilquis Evely will be stepping away after issue #18 in December. The new team of writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Nick Robles take over with January’s issue #19.

The Dreaming #19

Wilson recalled being asked to join the series while in Colorado on tour promoting her novel The Bird King:

“What was funny about that conversation was that I walked outside kind of in a daze after it was over and I looked at the mountains and I had this wave of deja vu, because the very first time that I read Sandman at a good friend of mine’s house in high school, I was in Longmont, Colorado.”

Spurrier isn’t totally done with this corner of the DC Universe, as he’ll be taking over writing a new Hellblazer book starting this fall.

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