Grant Gustin Reveals Black Flash On Instagram!

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Grant Gustin gives fans a special behind-the-scenes look at his current Flash suit on Instagram.

Grant Gustin Shares Pre-Season Flash Suit

Among the improvements this year on the series was the sleek redesign of Barry’s suit. The abandonment of past leather designs for the fifth season for a stretchy fabric was good, but not great. There were many complaints about the loss of trademark features. The loss of the chin guard was allegedly preplanned; it would not accommodate Stephen Amell’s beard for the “Elseworlds” crossover. This required the cowl to be redesigned and looked cheap and satirical. Thankfully, the 2019 premiere debuted a fantastic redesign that truly captured the essence of The Flash. Plot-wise, simultaneously, making the redesign the product of Barry and Iris’s daughter’s Nora’s technology embodied a father’s love. The change in color, the return of the yellow piping and the chin guard channeled the comic brilliantly. Even the pixel-esque texture brought dimension to Gustin’s lean frame and again channelled Silver Age from which Barry Allen was born. However, like any design, trial and error had to be attempted.

Featured in this photo is a sleek black version of what would be the current sixth season suit. Grant wrote this caption under the provided photo on his Instagram:

“I know there’s no new Flash for a while, so I thought I’d share this. This was from a fitting for the Season 5 suit during our hiatus between Seasons 4 and 5. I have like 30 pictures from this day because I was so excited. I flew to Vancouver for about [four to five hours] for this fitting and then home to L.A. the same day. This was before they had the actual fabric for the suit, hence the black. After I saw it like this I kinda wanted a black Flash suit though…”

The Flash returns to the CW on April 21sh at 8/7 Central with “So Long and Good Night.”

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