Rumored 5G Reboot No More, According To Jim Lee

by Kevin Sharp
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Remember the rumors of a big DC event called “5G”? Or the announcement of the “Generations” one-shots? All we ever got was the Scott Snyder/Bryan Hitch story in Wonder Woman #750… and it seems like that may be it.

Jim Lee addressed the 5G/reboot rumors at FanDome this weekend while answering fan questions. Here are some highlights…

On the overall reboot idea:

“There won’t be a project called ‘5G’, or a big reboot, or whatever. We really want to focus on individual titles, and organically build up individual characters over the course of the next year.”

On the what might become of certain concepts:

“We had a lot of great ideas that we were floating around. And rather than dumping it all in one month and renumbering the line and going for that really short term spike in sales, we just naturally gravitated to the story ideas and concepts we love and building them into the mythology, the ongoing mythology, in a very organic way.”

On 2021 plans:

“If you’re waiting for ‘5G,’ you’re going to have to wait for a long time because it’s not going to happen. But if you’re waiting for big developments in the DC Universe … Pretty big ones in 2021 across the board, but again it’s spread out and approached organically when it makes sense within a particular title so not everything has to tie into a big epic event all at once.”

So, it seems official that whatever the big 5G idea actually was — that Dan DiDio seemed to champion — has been scrapped for now.

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