Review: Catwoman #25

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Catwoman #25


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Ram V.

Artist: Juan FerreyraJohn Paul LeonFernando Blanco

Letters: Ariana Maher, Tom Napolitano

Colors: Eco Plascencia

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



“Sorry boys…Change of plans!” – Catwoman.

A tie-in to “The Joker War”! Catwoman returns to Gotham City to get even with the people who stole her plans and used them against Batman…and if you’re the Riddler or the Penguin, you better watch your back, because Catwoman is coming to claim what she deserves…and that’s everything! Plus, two bonus tales: One a story about Catwoman going back to her home turf of Alleytown to start her empire, and another about a cat trying to intervene in a conflict of cat versus woman!


Yes! Ram V returns Selina to Gotham.  She is back intertwined in the Joker War after her recovery from an encounter with Punchline and subsequent recovery in an underground hideaway for Gotham’s Rogues Gallery.

Batman #99 provides a page or two to Catwoman #25’s initial story.  That’s what this Catwoman comic deserves.  While her adventures do deserve stand alone stories which are provided in this issue, she is very embroiled in the Joker War as Batman’s lover.

We as fans of this couple have to smile as funds are transferred and her “Robin Hood” nature comes out.  But she is as complicated as Two-Face sometimes as she later opens up Alleytown again to educate thieves.  While a leopard cannot change its spots, this cat is fighting her urges to keep her craft alive.

Positives 2.0

This comic’s art is to be applauded.  Selina is captured perfectly in each story by Juan FerreyraJohn Paul Leon, and Fernando Blanco.  By showing Selina in her current state while paying homage to her history that trained her to work in pressure situations, the art alone can tell the story.  That is no slight to Ram V as this book is on pace to be a comeback winner of the year!  

What prior issues relied on was the chase scenes and the art.  Ram V gives it so much more and the artists flesh out some really great stories.



None in this issue as Selina makes a major stride for Bruce.  While the “family” starts taking care of business on the streets in Batman #99, and Batman confronts the Joker, Selina has put the financial side back together!  Hooray for her and Bruce…..can we get these two married already?


She’s corrected a major wrong in her relationship with Bruce.  They are so intertwined, but she deserves her own adventures as well.  Personally, I don’t like these other guys hanging around her, but it is a comic soap opera at times.  Add this issue to your collection in the Joker War!


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