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Robert Venditti and Charles Soule discuss Green Lantern /Red Lanterns

Green Lantern and Red Lanterns will be combine this February into a spectacular double issue for $2.99, both...

Charles Soule Question and Answer on Reddit

Charles Soule, writer on Superman/Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, and Red Lanterns answers questions questions from Reddit users.

Red Lanterns #26 Review: Getting High in Space

I have no real intro to this review. I'm sorry, but I don't, because I want to cut...

Previews: Red Lanterns #26

Preview pages for: Red Lanterns #26                

Review: Red Lanterns #25

A review for Red Lanterns #25.

SHOWCASE PRESENTS: The Shock Value Of The New 52

It’s all about shock value. Because when the fandom is shocked, comics get sold. Well, when shocked or...

Review: Red Lanterns #24

A review over Red Lantern #24

Green Lantern Lights Out Preview

In October the Green Lantern universe mega crossover Lights Out will be starting. Robert Vendetti the writer of...

Red Lanterns 21 Review: A Little Bit of Soule

Red Lanterns 21 Review: a new creative team, a new red lantern?

DC To Launch Sinestro Corps Ongoing?

Bleeding Cool claims that a Green Lantern ongoing title, "Sinestro Corps" dealing with the Yellow Lanterns, will be...