Arrow’s Stephen Amell responds to Justice League question

So we all know that DC will keep both their television and cinematic universes separate. Therefore meaning, Stephen Amell from Arrow will not be a part of the cast of the Justice League film.


In a Comic Con panel with Nerd HQ, a disappointed fan expressed these feelings of not seeing Arrow apart of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice universe, the fan also asked Amell which DC Comics hero would he like to see brought into the show in the future?


Amell replied to the fan by saying, “Green Lantern would be cool on the show. The whole Batman V. Superman thing, you know I had to skirt around that question for a while. And I think the important part for me was that we don’t need to be a part of the cinematic universe to justify Arrow’s existence. I was here in 2012, and DC had no television shows. And now, I’m here this year, and this Fall we have five. And as cast member on Arrow, I take a lot of ownership in that. I think we have those shows, because Arrow has been successful.”

To conclude his statement Amell added this amazing quote, “So if we keep going and we keep doing our job, you’re going to get the Justice League every Wednesday night. And Green Lantern would be cool…for sure.”

That is a pretty powerful statement and Amell has every right to back that claim up. Arrow, The Flash, Constantine, Gotham and iZombie are now going to be television shows that have been adapted from DC Comics.


As fans all we can do is hope that this trend continues And maybe, just maybe there could be a chance that DC and Warner Bros change their minds and add Amell to the cast of Justice League. We can only hope for now.