SDCC 2016: Exclusives From Quantam Mechanix Revealed!

by Thomas ODonnell
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A ton of great exclusives will be available at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con International. This years con will be held at the San Diego Convention Center and will take place on July 21–24, 2016 (with a July 20th preview night). Check back with DC Comics News for more SDCC 2016 news!

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Aquaman & Cthulhu Q-Fig Max Figure

On a good day, Cthulhu, the fictional cosmic entity created by writer H.P. Lovecraft, has seemingly limitless contempt for humanity. But Aquaman has changed all that.

Using his telepathic ability to communicate with aquatic life, the King of the Seven Seas is partnering with this octopus-human-dragon hybrid. Sure, Cthulhu still looks a little cranky, but he and the ruler of Atlantis are now BFFs. In fact, they’re so close that the lobster on our hero’s shoulder is looking pretty steamed.

To all of Aquaman’s detractors, the duo says this: “Talking to fish is not a lame superpower!”

Aquaman & Cthulhu is the first in our line of Q-Fig Max Figures, which feature extra-large dioramas that make these figures about twice the size of standard Q-Fig when viewed in their entirety. made of PVC and Measuring 5.12″ wide x 7.18″ high with a cost of $49.95.


Suicide Squad Joker Lapel Pin

You can still imagine the unending “Hahaha” coming from this richly enameled pin that’s based on artwork straight from DC Comics’ design vault.

Our Suicide Squad Joker Lapel Pin features the master criminal with bright green hair, a red gash of a mouth and his name in royal purple.

Made of metal alloy and enamel and measuring 0.82″ wide x 1.57″ high with a cost of $9.95.

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