First Look: Hill House Comics THE DOLLHOUSE FAMILY #1

by JC Alvarez
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Feeling like you need a fill of horror in your comics? The genre is making a resurgence and DC is getting on the fright fest with a new release from the Hill House Comics imprint. Meet The Dollhouse Family in the premiere issue!

It’s an open market now on what fans are demanding from their graphic storytelling. Once upon a time the horror genre was a real deal and dominated in pulp magazines dedicated to grizzly crime stories and supernatural zombie tales. Some of DC’s now mainstream favorites including Swamp Thing and the Creature Commandos made their debuts in similarly themed horror mags before springing out and onto the pages of their own signature series. Now under the umbrella of the Hill House Comics imprint, DC reenters the treacherous terrain of terror with newly curated tales.

In the series, The Dollhouse Family #1 written by M. R. Carey with art by Peter Gross and Vince Locke readers will be introduced to Alice who receives a very unique gift on her sixth birthday, an elaborately detailed 19th-century dollhouse complete with its own set of antique figures — the Dollhouse Family. It instantly becomes Alice’s favorite new toy, but the gift does come with its own set of unique features, as Alice learns that she can enter the dollhouse, inhabit its labyrinth halls and interact with the Dollhouse Family themselves!

Mike Carey and Peter Gross, longtime collaborators, are no strangers to the genre and have shared their unique vision with Joe Hill — the lead editor and creative on the line of Hill House Comics for DC. Here’s a “First Look” at The Dollhouse Family #1 available next month:

The Dollhouse Family #1 from Hill House Comics is written by M. R. Carey with art by Peter Gross and Vince Locke with colors by Chris Peter. Variant Cover by Jay Anacleto. The issue hits stand on November 13 and retails for $3.99.

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