Superman Son Of Kal-El Writer Donates to LGBTQIA+ Charity in Response to Death Threats

by Brad Filicky
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Writer Tom Taylor isn’t letting death threats sent to him over his Superman: Son of Kal-El storylines get to him. Instead, he’s turning them into something positive. On his Twitter account, Taylor revealed he’s donating money to an LGBTQIA+ charity in the name of the person who sent the threat.

Jon Kent, the son of Superman and Lois Lane, made headlines late last year after it was revealed he was bisexual. His romance with Jay Nakamura felt like a natural progression, but of course, there were some who where offended. While the storyline from Taylor, John Timms, Hi-Fi, and Dave Sharpe was well-received and led to a boost DC Comics sales, some complained about Jon’s sexuality. Actor Dean Cain, who played Superman in Lois & Clark was among those offended.

On his Twitter account, writer Tom Taylor shared one of the messages he received regarding his Superman: Son of Kal-El storyline on his Facebook page. The message from Miroslav read, “Superman fcking gay?? You will die in pain, fcking piece of sh!t !!!!!!!!” Taylor responded to the message calmly, telling Miroslav, “glad you censored the swearing. Could have been quite offensive, otherwise.” Taylor then shared a screenshot with a $50 donation to Minus18 in Mirsolav’s name.

Minus18 is an Australian charity that aims to improve the lives of LGBTQIA+ youth. Way to go Tom!

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