Scooby Apocalypse Preview Pages Revealed

scooby apocalypse
A new look of the revamped version of “Scooby-Doo” is available from DC Comics. It is called Scooby Apocalypse and is by Keith Giffen, J.M DeMatteis, Jim Lee, and Howard Porter.

The preview pages are available at TV Guide.

“We noticed there wasn’t really an origin story for the characters,” Lee told the site. “What if we refined who these characters are? They’re really cyphers in a way.”

“The monsters are real,” Giffen told them, in addition revealing that the first few issues of the book follow “how the group gets together.”

On updating the characters’ look — specifically referring to the “hipster Shaggy” — Lee said, “We knew it would be controversial…All these people saying, ‘it’s horrible, he’s a d-bag,’ and I say, ‘wait… you look like this guy!’ It’s an unusual look, but it’s to show he’s visually distinct from the others, and not part of the mainstream.”

There is also talk of a possible crossover with Hannah-Barbera titles. The creators are fans of world-building so we have a lot of different possibilities to look forward too.

“Scooby Apocalypse” #1 will be released May 25.

Hillary Weiss

Hillary Weiss

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