Batwoman Cast Talk Show’s First Season At NYCC

by Brad Filicky
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We all had time to let the first episode of Batwoman marinate in our minds for a bit. If that twist at the end left you gobsmacked and you weren’t at the NYCC Batwoman panel here’s a brief recap that may give some insight. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead!

SYFY’s Whitney Moore hosted the panel and was joined by Rachel Skarsten, who plays the Season 1 big bad Alice with her own special connection to Batwoman, and Meagan Tandy, who plays Sophie, Kate’s former girlfriend and agent in The Crows, Gotham’s private security force.

According to Skarsten, Alice already “has a very specific axe to grind with another character,” but warned that fans of the Batwoman comics are definitely already privy to her more spoilery origins. “She kind of goes back and forth between being completely insane and unsettlingly normal, and she’s been a joy to play.”

For Tandy, who arguably plays one of the strongest female characters on the series, her favorite part of being on the show was learning all of the fun and badass stunts for Sophie’s character arc. “I feel like I can dropkick somebody now. I just love active stuff, so it’s a lot of fun.” Sadly, her enthusiasm wasn’t shared by Skarsten, who added that stunts aren’t exactly her favorite — “because I’m so bad at it.”

Batwoman airs Sunday nights at 8:00 on the CW.

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