Image Comics Review: Nocterra #8

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Nocterra #8

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Tony S. Daniel

Colors: Marcelo Maiolo

Letters: AndWorld Design

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“Bill…Welcome to the Sundog convoy!” – Val to  Black Top Bill
Nocterra #8-  Part Two…”Pedal to the Metal”
The deadliest hunters in the world become the hunted as the Ferrymen take matters into their own hands, and Blacktop Bill sees the light as these two treacherous journeys lead on.


Scott Snyder and Tony S. Daniel…geesh!  You think you know what is going to happen in a comic and then these two.  No spoilers..or perhaps just the biggest one.

Imagine the Joker working alongside Batman?  Wait a minute Scott Snyder did that.  Imagine Rick working with the Governor in Walking Dead.  You get the picture.  What was going to be a huge crescendo of a battle between Blacktop Bill and the Sundog convoy members turns out to be a combined tour de force that in order for the world to have even a chance to survive.

Okay… as much as Snyder has allowed Undiscovered Country to go off the rails a bit, his work with Tony S. Daniel in this book continues to surprise.

Tony Daniel and Marcelo Maiolo are a stellar art team that not only provides light in a dark atmosphere, but also make the pages literally glow.  To illustrate a book in the Great PM is not only amazing, but to see the light such a character in the book is truly amazing.  Kudos to Maiolo who is giving us glow within these pages.

Positives 2.0

Blacktop Bill is up to something larger.  There is no way that Snyder will allow this great villain to turn tame within just eight issues.  However, the page below let’s you know just what we are dealing with in terms of his villainy.  This is not a “Saul into Paul” moment.  Bill has a plan…Snyder just hasn’t revealed it yet!


None!  Blacktop Bill  is at top form and putting him in the midst of Val and her Sun Dog convoy is a surprising step…Snyder doesn’t follow a formula and we are appreciative of that!


BUY THIS BOOK! We are already beginning the second story arc!  In fact, go out and get the Full Throttle Dark story line in in Trade Paperback .   If you are not hooked yet, here is a link to the first issue.  The cast is expanding as Snyder and Daniel are marching either towards light in the Great PM or further darkness.  It’s a futuristic Stephen King type tale that keeps getting better and better.

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