PREVIEWS: Justice League of America’s Vibe #5 Guest Starring The Suicide Squad

Vibe‘s story started back 29 years ago as a member of Justice League Detroit.  Some people liked him, and some people wonder why he was created.  Going into the crossover Legends, fans witnessed his death thanks to Professor Ivo as the Justice League America title ended.  He still appeared in comics afterwards as a dead character in Days of Judgment and Blackest Night or in flashback stories in titles like Justice League Classified.  A few years ago for an April Fool’s joke, Geoff Johns teased a “Vibe Rebirth” similar to what he did with Green Lantern and Flash.  After that in 2012, the free comic day tease of Trinity War showed a Vibe like character.  Then we got the reveal of the new Justice League of America title and Justice League of America’s Vibe.

With the title, momentum has been growing thanks to writer Sterling Gates.  Issue #1 we got Easter Eggs of Gypsy and Pariah back in the New 52 as well as a reference to Darkseid having a daughter.  Issue #3 was the gatefold cover with Kid Flash, and last issue guest starred Batman and leads into this issue with Suicide Squad.  Vibe‘s role with the Justice League of America and the DCnU has slowly being established with his new powers.  Now with his former pre-Flashpoint teammate Gypsy beside him, Vibe goes into a confrontation with the Suicide Squad as his path with the DCnU and his role in the upcoming Trinity War.  Also issue #6’s cover appears that Vibe will be captured this issue, however by who?  What will happen to Vibe this issue?

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Source: DC Comics