Larfleeze #6 Review: Two Tales

by Jay Mattson
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The revolt of the Orange Lanterns continues, while Stargrave finds himself reluctantly part of a crazy war between interdimensional gods!



Thus far, Larfleeze have been enjoyable, yet oddly disjointed. Though the Orange dog is obviously supposed to be the main attraction, his butler, Stargrave, was front and center for the first few issues after being “stolen back” from Larfleeze by the Wanderer, a goddess from a pantheon at war with another pantheon for control of their dimension, and now the DCnU as well. Then, the last two issues focused more on the return of the Orange Lanterns. Well, not really return so much as reconfiguring from being souls trapped in Larfleeze’s orange ring into living beings again.

Larfleeze 6 - 1

Larfleeze #6 starts the ball rolling toward these two storylines to intersect in a more direct way. Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis have a strong grasp on these characters and it shows with each issue focusing on characterization more than the insane plotlines. Giffen and DeMatteis’ Larfleeze is the best presentation of the character to date. Though Geoff Johns created him, Larfleeze has never been as enjoyable as he is here in his solo series. On top of that, the Orange Lanterns have become truly engaging characters in a matter of two issues, which is astounding.

The best element of Larfleeze #6 is how well everything works. That may sound like a roundabout claim, but with two plot lines taking place at opposite ends of the universe, it’s impressive that Giffen and DeMatteis’ pacing is so smooth. The humor of Wanderer and Stargrave’s story is spot-on and never feels forced. Larfleeze’s plot is also humorous, but it’s interwoven with the Orange Lanterns’ desire for revenge.

Scott Kolins’ art fits perfectly with Larfleeze. It has a sketchy quality that wouldn’t work with most superhero comics, yet seems to fit like a glove here. This isn’t a series about good vs. evil, but about random space-faring beings going through the motions and Kolins’ art reflects that perfectly.

Larfleeze 6 - 2


Honestly, there’s not much to not like about Larfleeze #6.

VERDICT: rating5outof5-300x515/5


Who knew that a solo series about the most detestable Lantern in the universe would be so enjoyable? Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis have crafted such an engaging series that it’s easy to simply sit back and enjoy the ride. Larfleeze is fun and exciting. Enough said.

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