DCN 2018 Year in Review: The Top 10 Stories you read!

by Damian Fasciani
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2018 was a big year for DC, at DC Comics News we enjoyed producing a wide range of content for you. We covered comic book reviews, reported on film, TV, merchandise, conducted a host of interviews, and brought you press coverage from several cons around the globe. Here is a look back at our top 10 stories as read by you, the fans! Click on the titles to access the corresponding articles. 


#10: DC Announces Big Changes Coming To Titles–Dubbed “Creative Refresh”

You love your comic books, coming in at number 10 is the refresh updated across the DC comic book line.


#9: The “Flash War” is coming!

On the comic book topic again, the fans loved this article when we reported that a Flash War was on cards. Look out Barry Allen!!


#8: Todd Phillips Shares First Photo Of Joaquin Phoenix From ‘Joker’

The internet lit up when both images and news emerged of the new Joker. Our fan engagement was high on this one!


#7: DCN Exclusive Interview: Danielle Panabaker – Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost From ‘The Flash’

CW’s The Flash created a buzz in 2018, and we brought you an exclusive interview with DC star Danielle Panabaker!


#6: DCN Presents Top Ten Moments: Dick Grayson

One of DC’s most iconic hero’s is none other than Dick Grayson. DCN compiled it’s own top 10 moments for the reliable side kick!


#5: New Details Have Been Revealed About ‘Joker’ Film–Including A Name

The new Joker film took a 2nd place in our top 10 for the year with new details being reported on the film!


#4: It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane… It’s Tyler Hoechlin – Live In London

We all love Superman, we’ve interviewed Tyler Hoechlin before and when we reported to our fans that he was live in london, our website traffic lit up…faster than a speeding bullet!


#3: Bitmoji App Let’s You Play Dress Up!

We all love a good app, and breaking into the Top 3 for 2018 was our coverage of the Bitmoji mobile app that let’s you create your own DC hero!


#2: DC Dropping The Hammer On Several Books In The Coming Months

Another story covering the DC Comic book line, when we reported that there were several books that are going to be cancelled by DC Comics, you flooded in to get your update.




#1: Jon Schnepp, Director Of ‘The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?’, Has Passed Away

Coming in as the number 1 article accessed by our fans here at DC Comics News, was the update on the unfortunate passing of icon, and legend John Schnepp.


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DC Comics News would like to thank all our fans from all over the world for supporting us in 2018 and visiting our site. We are a fan based site that relies on your engagement to keep going. We are truly proud of the team and would like to work towards a bigger and better 2019!

It’s going to be a big one with DC launching the 80th anniversary of the Batman. We would love your feedback on our site, content, brand, and stories. Please write in or comment below on what you think we do well or what you think we could improve on. If there is something you would like to see that we do not produce today, please let us know. Your feedback is key! Happy New Year!


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