Indie Comics Review: King Spawn #5

by Carl Bryan
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Review: King Spawn #5

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Todd McFarlane, Sean Lewis

Artists:  Javi Fernandez

Letters:  AndWorld Design

Colors: FCO Plascencia

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“Take a good hard look then…your eyes are not seeing things!  It’s me and I am more alive than you! – Jason Wynn

King Spawn #5 – A historical NEW ongoing SPAWN series has begun! The launch of this book, nearly three decades in the making, further expands the SPAWN UNIVERSE with a growing presence of Hell, Heaven, and Heroes here on Earth.

New fan-favorite creative team LEWIS & FERNANDEZ continue their dark trek into a world beginning to come undone at the seams.

The battle with Kincaid concluded, so we now find Spawn confronting the predictions of the one they call THE ORACLE as they are coming true.

Spawn must now face a group of angels bent on the destruction of everything in its path—including God himself, if need be. All this and a visit to when Al became Spawn…. at the hands of one of his closest allies.


King Spawn #5  provides a flashback of all flashbacks.  Arguably, this issue is the one to have as it “resets” the smoking gun that killed Al Simmons and transformed him into Spawn.  

Simmons was murdered during a mission in Botswana for the USSG’s Operation Knightstrike by fellow mercenary Bruce Stinson (aka Chapel) at the order of Director Jason Wynn. Simmons was sent to Hell because of his life as an assassin. After arranging a deal with the being known as Malebolgia, Simmons agreed to become a Hellspawn in exchange for being allowed to see his wife Wanda Blake one last time.

Spawn fans have operated on this since Issue #1.  However, along the way another gun was involved.  What???  This is a major plot move that needs some explanation.  Therefore, I view this as a positive as you have long time Spawn readers’ interests piqued!

Well done Todd and Sean!

Positives 2.0

The art and colors are phenomenal!  Al’s time in Botswana…you can feel the heat and humidity off the page.  It’s Apocalypse Now…only with Al Simmons.  What a battle scene that encompasses flashbacks as well as current lightning strikes.  What a reveal at the end complete with worms making their way out of an eye socket.  Graphic…but it is a Spawn comic!

Accolades for World Record-Setting

2021 is the year of Spawn.  Spawn’s Universe #1 kicked things off.   King Spawn #5 continues to deliver! This will give McFarlane hope of reaching a new generation of readers that missed out on the initial launch of the Spawn back in 1992.

We are eagerly awaiting e a new #1 team book, which will band five characters together to fight against forces too big for any of them to take on alone. That book is titled The Scorched. Spawn, Redeemer, Gunslinger, Medieval Spawn and She-Spawn begin the group’s adventures, but McFarlane promises a rotating cast of heroes over the coming months to keep the roster of heroes fresh.


This is the #5 issue and it provides a “control alt delete” that makes us think about all we knew about Spawn’s origin.  The graphic depiction of that bullet taking Al’s life at the hands of none other than…Uh-uh.  Not me…I’m not spoiling this one for any Spawn fan!  Buy this issue!



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